I am lying on the living room floor, lullabies and fan whispering sweet nothings while Ethan sighs sleepily beside me. He’s in that phase, that 2-year-old phase, of mid-night waking. For now, though, has returned to sleeping.

Myles went through it, too. He and I put hundreds of miles on the car the summer that I was pregnant with Ethan, learning all of the back roads out here just after we had moved from Arlington. I watched more than one sunrise over Fitchburg, the summer sun greeting us so early. Ethan and I have less easily available options to us, so we watch movies quietly, snuggle, and then sleep again.

Life is changing so fast right now. I wonder often if people change and grow like plants, bursting forth desperately in summer, then dying back a little in winter’s chill. For now, I grow deeper roots to bloom, in the spring, stronger.