I am and have been (and will be) many things, but at the moment those things are writer, art director, single mom and American ex-pat living in Barcelona, Spain. I have two little boys, a checkered past, a cat with chronic constipation (the shit jokes are endless), an incredibly loud laugh, an appreciation for everything beautiful, an empty bank account and an incredible curiosity about the world. I will try almost anything once, and usually twice just to be sure.

Mil Beixos is my sandbox to play in. It is where I am collecting a lifetime of scattered writings and housing new ones, both professional as well as itty bitty life sketches in words. The phrase “mil beixos” roughly translates to “a thousand beiges” from Catalan, the native language of Barcelona. It is both an attempt to make light of my non-existent love life (who needs 50 shades of gray when you can have a thousand shades of beige?) as well as a reference to the beautiful buildings of Barcelona, which are not the grays of your usual metropolis, but tan and gold and yellow and slightly pink and, truly, a thousand shades of beige.

In my past life, I have been mostly a designer and only a little bit a writer. In my next life, I hope those roles will reverse. I hope you enjoy my adventures with, and recipes of, exuberant little words.